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Specifying Units in AutoCAD

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by sunithbabu on September 11, 2013

In this tip we will focus on Specifying Units in AutoCAD. Units are important for any industry we work with be it a Designer, Engineer or Architect all need to speak about the drawing in terms of Units. Let’s see setting up units in autocad 

Specifying Units in AutoCAD

Before a user can work on how to set up units in autocad or Specifying Units its important to know from where to access units in AutoCAD 2014 as the user interface has completely changed since release of 2012.

To access Units in AutoCAD from Ribbon Bar – click on –  Application Menu > Drawing Utilities > UNITS

setting up units in autocad


Once you access units you have a Units Window which will feature many options from where you can control Units in AutoCAD Software

Specifying Units in AutoCAD


Note: In case you find it difficult to access other commands in AutoCAD – Try reading How to Find AutoCAD Command from User Interface

Specifying Units of Measurement in AutoCAD has three stages which include

  • Linear Units ( Length )
  • Angular Units ( Angle )
  • Precision in Units

Linear Unit Conversion:  This helps a user to select from the available Length which include

  • Architectural – Feet and Fractional Inches
  • Engineering – Feet and Decimal Inches
  • Decimal – Metric or SI
  • Fractional – Whole Numbers and Fractions
  • Scientific – Decimal value raised to power

Architecture and Engineering mainly exists for users in United States as they still practice these units.

Let’s assume we have 1.5 Drawing Units, the representation in different unit type is listed below.

Decimal – 1.5000

Scientific – 1.5000E+00

Engineering – 0′-1.5000″

Architecture – 0′-1 1/2″

Fractional 1 1/2

Angular Units of Measurement : This helps a user to select from the available Angle which includes

  • Decimal Degrees – Metric
  • Deg/Min/Sec – Degree, Minutes, Seconds
  • Grads – 400 grads – 360 degrees
  • Radians – 2 Pi radians – 360 degrees
  • Surveyor – This is based on Compass

To better understand Angular values let’s assume we have 180 Angular Units, the representation in different unit type is listed below.

Decimal Degree – 180.00

Deg/Min/Sec – 180d0’0″

Grads – 200g

Radians – 3.142r

Surveyor – W ( West )

Precision Value : This helps a user to specify the precision value needed for the unit he specifies. Ideally precision value varies in terms of number of zeros after the decimal value. More the zeros, mean the precision is more. Zeros ranging from 1 to 8 exists here.

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