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JPGOUT Command in AutoCAD

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by sunithbabu on October 15, 2013

In this tip we will focus on how to get an image output from AutoCAD Software using jpgout command. Some of the most common output from AutoCAD include

  • dwg
  • dxf
  • dws
  • dwt

However, we can also get output such as .jpg or .png so let’s see how we can get these two outputs from AutoCAD from a simple command

JPGOUT Command in AutoCAD

Step 1 > Open the AutoCAD drawing you want to convert to an image format

Step 2 > Now type JPGOUT in the command prompt and you will be prompted to save the drawing in JGP format

jpgout command in AutoCAD

Step 3 > Now you will be prompted to select the objects of interest in the drawing window

select objects for saving to jpg


Step 4 > Now select the area of interest and you’re done. A jpg image of the drawing is saved in the folder you have selected.

selected window in autocad
Now you can see the JPG file created from the above selection – Click Here to download and see. You can also use the command PNGOUT and get a image in *.png format. This command can be used for a quick review of drawings carried out send easily by email. Of course you can find many other benefits too.

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