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How to Find AutoCAD Command from User Interface

In this tip we will focus on How to Find AutoCAD Command from User Interface. Assume you are new to AutoCAD Software its difficult to Find AutoCAD Command and also don’t feel comfortable in remembering where those regularly used commands are hidden within the User Interface. So, let’s see how ?

How to Find AutoCAD Command from User Interface

We are now aware of the issue and let’s try to see if we can over come this by any simple technique.

After you Download the Free AutoCAD Software from ( HERE ) and installed it, Click on Application Menu and you will notice Search Box on the top right corner. ( See Below )

Find AutoCAD Command

Now as you type a command say ” Break ” you can actually find out where the command Break is within the User Interface, See below

AutoCAD Application Menu Command Access


Now can easily find out that – The Break Command – is located within the

Ribbon Tab > Home > Modify > Break

This is one of the easy ways to find out the location of commands within the User Interface of AutoCAD.

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